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We don't employ sales people so you'll work directly with our consultants.

We strive to build long lasting partnerships with our clients.
This allows us to really dig into businesses and allows us to boost performance.

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Chester Ollivier

Content Marketing Executive

Scott McMullan

Principle CRO and Analytics Consultant

Climbing and surfing are two of Scott's cooler hobbies, house plant collecting is one of his less adventurous past times.

Hailing originally from Northern Ireland and now living between Berlin and Newcastle Upon Tyne. His thick irish accent still baffles Germans and English speakers alike.

Scott has previously worked with an award-winning CRO agency in Newcastle and a data start-up in Berlin. So he's used to working across many different verticals with agile teams.

Phyllis Luu

Lead UX Designer

Phyllis dreams of opening an art school in the mountains so that in the winter there will be no students and she’ll have more time for snowboarding. Until she can make this dream a reality, you’ll find her in Berlin honing her design skills as a freelancer or spinning bowls on a pottery wheel.

She’s worked in Sydney and New York City across many different industries, including media and entertainment, investment banking, and consulting. Her diverse range of experience means she can adapt quickly to new situations and is always ready to try something new.

Richard Dennis

Lead Data Engineer

Richard has a passion for technology and thinking critically about the future. He's also a regular volunteer for the Groundworks UK charity.

Experienced in Web Analytics, including the development of Data Pipelines and Warehousing. Richard has worked with some of the largest retailers in the UK, keeping his clients up to date with the latest and greatest in measuring their online performance.

Liam Copping

Lead SEO Consultant

Originating from Yorkshire, you will usually find Liam climbing mountains whilst listening to his favourite audiobooks.

He’s worked for award-winning agencies and big house-hold names, successfully creating, scaling and optimising SEO solutions for websites and companies of all sizes.

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Keyword Opportunities

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Data Audit

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