CSS Fitness SEO Case Study

Scott McMullanJanuary 2nd, 2021

CSS Fitness Organic Case Study

Despite the closure of gyms, we helped CSS Fitness grow and expand their business to hundreds of people searching for personal training during lockdown.

Chris, founder of CSS Fitness - a private athletic coaching company had this to say:

“After reaching the first page of Google and transforming my website into a slick, clean, well presented website, I can’t thank Liam enough! Liam has been absolutely brilliant from the word go. Whatever task I’ve asked of him he’s always gone to great lengths in making sure it gets done! Working with Liam has honestly been a great experience and I’m looking forward to continue working with him over the coming years.”

A website redesign that focused on UX helped CSS Fitness grow their business and double staff within a year, outranking universities and Pure Gym - with zero link building required, read how we outranked big brands.

css fitness google search console

Problem: CSS Fitness current marketing approach was not reaching enough people.

Recognising the amount of people searching for what he offered, Chris from CSS Fitness was referred to us by the developer of his original website.

After looking at the site, there were some clear gaps as well as some unplanned opportunities that presented themselves. The key issues were:

  • Website was not bringing in the required leads with the current marketing strategy
  • People were searching for his service and not finding the website
  • Creating and developing content for the website was expensive
  • Website was very slow to respond
  • Service and product content was thin, it wasn’t selling the service or being understood by search engines.

The solution:

  • Migrate to a platform that offered the required functionality to create and design new page templates easily.
  • Add necessary content for humans and machines alike for their key service pages.
  • Create new pages to reach newly discovered audience segments.

Step one, remove future roadblocks

Lacking in-house content creation resources, it was vital to have a website that was easy to work with.

The platform was migrated to one that looks good and captured the modern feel the client was seeking whilst providing the necessary tools for the rest of the job.

Now it’s easier to refresh the page design, upload blogs and testimonials.

css site redeisng example

Step two, make the existing pages discoverable for machines and desirable for people

Getting his homepage ranking for the broadest keyword took time. An in-depth analysis of what content users wanted and ongoing testing of solutions helped us get there.

Now the website outranks high authority sites like Leeds University and Pure Gym!

Personal Trainer Leeds Search Result

Ongoing, react to changes and seize new opportunities

CSS Fitness expanded their offering when taking on a cycling coach. This opened a whole new segment to reach, cyclists.

People in the area were searching for help and private training, such as indoor cycling training plans.

As soon as gyms closed, these pages boomed.

12 week indoor cycling plan


By improving the user experience and relevance signals, CSS Fitness found it’s new home at the top of Google.

The website is discovered by hundreds every month who are seeking their next personal trainer.

If you’ve been paying for SEO with little to no results, have a chat with us.