Nest SEO Case Study

Liam CoppingApril 15th, 2021

Nest - Property Lettings

An optimisation project that stripped a website down and built it back up properly now outranks companies such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Read how we outranked big brands, with zero link-building.

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Neil, founder of Nest had this to say:

“Liam has done an excellent job of helping our business reach more people. We’ve noticed a big increase in the number of enquiries coming through the website. When asked where people find us, almost all of them say they found us through Google.”

Problem: Nest was missing out on thousands of monthly clicks by people searching for their services

Recognising the amount of people searching for what Property by Nest were offering, Neil was referred to Liam to discuss what could be done to improve performance.

After looking at the site, there were some clear technical issues as well as some untapped opportunities. The key issues were:

  • Website content was thin and not optimised
  • Many pages were created and were competing against each other
  • The website was very slow to respond
  • Contact forms were long and more complex than they needed to be
  • The website was not getting enough engaged traffic.

Solution: a three-step data-led approach that addressed their key issues

Lacking a major brand budget, it was vital to have a sensible approach that made the most impact with no wasted budget.

Step one: removed technical roadblocks and sped up the site

The entire site was duplicated across different languages but used english in key content spots combined with mismatched hreflang attributes and nonsensical internal linking. This confused search engines.

The speed of the site was also a concern with errors reported in Google Search Console. This caused search engines to not favour the website over others.

Within two months of migrating hosts, removing duplicated pages and creating an internal link structure that made sense, the website saw a huge boost and the client saw a return on their initial investment... But there was more gains to be made...

Step two: made the existing pages discoverable and easier for people to use

Lacking the authority of major brands was seen initially as an issue, however due to the extensive keyword research, plenty of low competition keywords were discovered and content was revised to target those terms over the higher competition keywords.

Within three months, Nest were ranking in the top 3 for brand new keywords that the competition hadn’t discovered.

With engaged traffic flowing the site, this helped contextually related keywords rank higher, creating a compounding effect still seen to this day.

Step three: introduced paid search and made new pages that target new keywords

With Nest gaining more leads than ever before, paid search was introduced to amplify results. This serves two strategic purposes, a testing platform for newly discovered keywords (against the existing pages) and to determine which keywords are worth investing SEO resource into.

We fix problems for a low cost.

We use forensic principles to reverse-engineer problems and discover the root causes.

We don't pay for an office, we don't outsource or pay for non-service delivery staff and only use data-informed approaches. This means:

  • No guessing
  • No large or unnecessary overheads (with the savings passed onto the client)
  • Faster results than most large agencies.

If you have been paying for SEO with little to no results, have a chat with us.

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